Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bah. Humbug.

Call me a Scrooge.  Call me cynical.  You can even call me a terrible person.  But I am so glad that Thanksgiving is over.  Yes, the food was great.  Yes, I enjoyed hanging out with my parents.  But really, it’s a whole lot of hoopla for not a lot of fun.  My idea of fun is relaxing with simple food and a few really good friends and family.  Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the antithesis of what Thanksgiving is all about.  Oh sure, in theory, you’re supposed to get together with your family, all of whom you absolutely adore, and sit down to a meal that’s been effortlessly prepared in under an hour.  The fact of the matter is that you are forced to travel however far you must to visit family that nine times out of ten makes you want to cry, shove bamboo shoots under your nails, vomit, commit murder, and laugh maniacally simultaneously.  Then you must sit down to a meal whose preparation has caused two panic attacks, eight threats of leaving, and five glasses of wine to be consumed within half an hour. 

Maybe I’m strange, but that doesn’t really float my boat.  Fortunately, this was one of the better Thanksgivings.  But next year, it’s sandwiches all the way.

Thanksgiving 001

The place setting.

Thanksgiving 004

The table.

Thanksgiving 008 

My favorite thing at Thanksgiving.  Jellied cranberry sauce with the can ridges imprinted in it.  No really, I could eat this stuff every single day.

Thanksgiving 002


Thanksgiving 015

The turkey was gorgeous.  Of course, I didn’t eat any, being vegetarian and all.

Anyways, I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving.

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