Friday, November 13, 2009

Grouchy then Content

I was really craving a house calzone (I mean, really, look at that picture.  How can you resist?) from Mellow Mushroom with a cup of their tortilla soup for lunch today.  Unfortunately, boyfriend couldn’t go—physics homework, and he didn’t feel comfortable with me walking downtown by myself.  Because, even though it was broad daylight, that place is creepy.  Anyways, I settled for a burrito and chips from a place on campus.  It was a letdown.  Except for the cheese dip.  That was passable.  I was pretty grouchy about having to go to the burrito place until I got my blood sugar back to normal, then I was merely peeved.  But I am still CRAVING a calzone (oh the cheese and mushrooms and spinach and tomatoes) and tortilla soup (absolutely perfect).  I get paid tomorrow, so you better believe that the boyfriend and I are gettin’ us some calzones.  Of course, this will have to be after we see District 9.  Maybe I’ll like it.  Maybe it'll surprise me like Zombieland did.  Here’s hoping.

Currently, I am sitting in the cafe of a bookstore, sipping on some sugar and spice/pumpkin spice/Christmas-y latte variant.  It’s pretty bland.  I work in a coffee shop during the summer holidays, so I’m one of the biggest coffee snobs you’ll ever meet.  By the way, drink Ethiopian coffee with some lemon pound cake.  It’s amazing.  Or with a blueberry muffin.  Also, don’t put your coffee in the freezer.  Just keep it in an airtight canister on the counter.  If possible, don’t grind it until you’re about to use it.  At the very least, grind just enough for the coming week.  One more thing, when you go to a coffee shop, please don’t make your drink super complicated just for the hell of it.  You can leave off about half of those modifiers, and your drink will taste exactly the same.  You know who you are.  I had a customer who would specify IN FRACTIONS exactly how much flavoring she wanted.  You really think that 1/8 really makes a difference?  It doesn’t.  Promise.

I’ll get off my soapbox.

In addition to this subpar coffee, I am eating a triple chocolate brownie, which still doesn’t have enough chocolate for me. Sigh.

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