Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's Talk Food

I have been remiss. I created this blog months ago, and until tonight, have not posted a single thing on it. You might (or you might not) ask what prompted me to start writing tonight, when I have 364 others from which to choose.

Well, in true college kid fashion, I am procrastinating. I really should be studying three dimensional vectors and the dot product. Also, I should be starting on some physics homework.

In fact, I will be venturing out to the dollar movie theatre in half an hour to see a movie that is (from what I hear) disgustingly gory, plot-less, and unspeakably offensive. That's how much I don't want to do Calculus and Physics.

Speaking of movies, I must confess that I adore the movie Julie and Julia, mostly because I love food almost more than I love my boyfriend (who seems to be okay with this). Also, I have a completely unrealistic dream of living a super fabulous life and being a chef. But not in a restaurant. That's too high-stress for me. I want to be paid to make food for my family in the comfort of my own home. Like I said, completely unrealistic. In reality, I am currently at a university studying mathematics and possibly computer science in order to do research and hopefully solve all of the Millennium Problems, while teaching at a wonderfully hip university in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyways, back to my love for food. Besides animal flesh (my boyfriend and I are strict vegetarians), I love any and all food, my favorites being mushrooms and chocolate (not together). I dream about food. When I get bored in my frighteningly long physics class, I invent new recipes and menus. I throw parties, not to socialize with friends, but to showcase new recipes. However, I am currently living somewhere where I do not have my own kitchen. I have a microwave, toaster, and coffee and espresso maker. Not exactly tools for a gourmet meal. So, I dream...and dream...and dream.

After a week of eating cereal and frozen dinners, I look forward to the weekends when I can indulge in eating at restaurants. One of my recent culinary adventures involved going to a place that creates a new twist on southern food. Case in point: for an appetizer, we had fried okra with a vidalia onion artichoke dip. Come on. You know you want some. This was followed with a coconut curry dish with apples, cranberries, tofu, almonds, and basmati rice. I wasn't a fan of this at the time. I was crabby because I was super hungry and traffic downtown was horrendous due to a homecoming parade. Whatever. Also, I've never liked curry, and believe me, I have tried. The thing is, the sweetness of it freaks me out. I love sweets, but not for dinner. I want something savory for my entree, not a dish that can't figure out if it wants to be sweet or savory. I griped all through dinner to my boyfriend who happens to love curry. I ate just enough of mine to keep my blood sugar stable, then let him finish it.

Remember how I said I wasn't a fan at the time? Yeah, in retrospect, that stuff was really good. I mean, all those flavors together...who but a genius would think of that? I'm not saying it will replace my favorite dish of all time the Veggie Panini and hashbrowns from "The French Place" as my mom and I call it (more about that amazing eatery later), but it was better than I thought. Maybe this will teach me not to judge a dish before I give it a fair shot. Possibly I will learn not to be so whiny about food. Probably not.

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