Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well Rested

Today started off smashingly.  I got TEN HOURS of sleep.  Let’s say that again: TEN HOURS!  Hooray for no more physics labs on Tuesday mornings.

I actually got to eat breakfast, one that would actually keep me full.  I know that an egg salad sandwich might sound like an odd choice for breakfast, but I knew the protein would keep me full.  I also had some green tea, because I’ve heard that it jump starts your metabolism.

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I also did pilates first thing this morning.  That makes three days in a row!  My abs are sore, and I love it!  I measured myself (bust, waist, hips, butt) today so that I could keep track of any inches I might lose.  Www.exercisetv.tv is a life saver.  I don’t have a television, so I just hop on over to that website, and they have tons and tons of free exercise videos.  The ones that aren’t free, you can download for about two dollars a piece.  The pilates one that I use is Nicole Stewart’s Total Body Pilates.  It’s only twenty minutes long, which is perfect for my mornings.  As much as I want to be healthy, I just can’t bring myself to wake up an hour early to get an entire workout in.  I usually do more exercise once I get home from class or work.

It was actually cold today, so I was able to wear my brand new winter coat.  I felt to sophisticated! :)

For lunch I had yet another vegan hot dog and some pretzels.  I put it them a little serving basket, like the ones you would get at a ballpark.  It made the meal so much more special than if I had thrown it on any old plate (or no plate at all, as is sometimes the case with me).  I also had some Smart Water.  I don’t usually buy bottled water (bad for the planet, yo), but when I have to (i.e. at school and dehydrated), I buy Smart Water.  It has electrolytes and all that good stuff.

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Are you stuck on what to get for your friends or family for Christmas (or Hanukah)?  How about some TOMS?


These are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  EVER.  They come in approximately a bajillion styles, and every single one of them is cute.

But here’s the best part.  Their philosophy is “One for One". This means that for every pair that you buy and send to someone on your shopping list (or to yourself!), they give a pair to a child who doesn’t have shoes.

Now, don’t let the prices ($40 and up) scare you away.  Remember, an impoverished child gets a pair, too.  So, really, it’s like buying two pairs of shoes.  Because they are a charity, I believe there is no tax charged on your purchase, nor do you have to pay shipping.  Convinced?  Go to www.tomsshoes.com.

What’s on ya’ll’s shopping lists?

P.S. On a more somber note, today is World AIDS Day.  Please take a moment to pray for those ravaged by AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses.  Go to www.joinred.com for more information.

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  1. Love your blog! :) I can't believe we both mentioned canned cranberry sauce with the ridges....I hadn't even read your blog when I wrote that. Honest! Love you!